As an independent, award-winning studio, Evolve produces premium content for a diverse group of partners including Disney, National Geographic, ESPN, Netflix, Facebook, NBC Universal, HBO and Discovery, to name a few. Our work has been recognized with numerous awards including 6 National Television Emmy’s, 46 Emmy nominations & many other top industry accolades.

Empowered by incredible young talent, team culture and blue collar creative work effort, Evolve has built a multifaceted studio that produces in three industry verticals all from the new content frontier in Nashville, Tennessee.

Post Production Engineer responsibilities are:

  • Lead Post Production Engineer
  • Computer troubleshooting, machine upgrades, and hardware repairs
  • Server maintenance, upgrades, and repairs
  • Manage remote workflows / R&D for remote workflows
  • Network troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Direct communication with external support
  • Computer software updates
  • Computer security and password maintenance
  • Create workflow documentation
  • Hard drive organization
  • A/V setups for team parties, screenings, and meetings
  • Ingest and publishing our footage licensing through Filmsupply
  • Conference rooms webcam maintenance
  • Cable management for workstations/building new edit stations
  • Installing ethernet lines

Technical Engineer requirements are:

  • Looking for post production engineer with IT experience.
  • Working and demonstrable knowledge of post-production workflows and technical infrastructure for broadcast, feature and online delivery.
  • Advanced experience with Mac OS X, shared storage, networking, as well as some understanding of Terminal.
  • Advanced knowledge of video encoding/formats and technical aspects of digital video content creation.
  • Proficient experience in Adobe Premiere, Adobe CC Suite, Episode, DaVinci Resolve, DCP creation, ShotPut Pro and Canon, ARRI, Sony, Phantom, GoPro camera formats and workflows.
  • Exceptional ability to quickly and effectively identify, resolve, and communicate technical issues in the post production workflow in a time critical and high pressure environment.
  • The ability to make recommendations to the post production and tech departments to improve efficiency and function of the department.


  • To undertake such other tasks including general administrative duties as may be required from time to time.
  • To be an ambassador for the business at all times.

Position type:

Full-Time Staff